1. 無料アクセス解析

The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)

Five Dimentional Thinking Practical Guide (3)
In JUJU’s new book, “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide”, there is one more striking topic covered. That of her standout area, auric reading (aura reading), which is also explained in an easy-to-follow and clear-cut approach.

Auric reading is deeply related to SI-V and the five dimensional thinking way of life. JUJU can read, and translate, symbols and information in a persons’ aura field, as stepping through time and space. She performs this procedure with great delicacy and extreme precision, and can navigate us the deep place within, where our passionate souls have been seeking to land and completely rehabilitate.

JUJU awakens our souls and reminds us that consciousness creates reality. We just need to simplify, be essential and be true to ourselves. It means we never need to become dependent to something outside ourselves. We ourselves can achieve the five dimensional thinking stages in a very practical manner.

I heard that her book became second in the Amazon book ranking this week. I am sure that this amazing new book, “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide”, will help us navigate the huge waves and blaze a new path to the future.

Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)(Japanese)
By Junko Komiya Baker (JUJU)


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