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The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)

Five Dimentional Thinking Practical Guide (2)
My spiritual concierge JUJU, who lives in England but also works in Japan, has just published her new book, titled “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide,” in Japanese.

JUJU is very popular in Japan and the U.K. as a super channeler therapist. After working in the field of TV production and the performing arts, she started to tour all over Japan in 1991, performing Cosmic Dance and practicing channeling.

In 1997, JUJU moved to the U.K., the home of spiritual world, and she has developed her unique, original, and profound session style, called SI-V (Simplification and Spiritual Inter-view) which is fully explained in her new book. SI-V consists of a series of self-empowerment activities: reading, inter-view, relaxation and recognition, and more. SI-V is a life-creating Art. It can help us recognize that our consciousness creates our own reality right this each moment.

This book is really a practical guide to making the most to our daily lives: yet, it also contains Cosmic Universal Truth and is full of insights and wisdom from ancient souls.

Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)(Japanese)
By Junko Komiya Baker (JUJU)


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