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The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)


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Any one place in the world

If I were awarded an expense-paid trip
to any one place in the world,
where would I go?

Winning an expense-paid trip
would be very exciting for anyone.
If Lady Luck smiled on me
and I were in that position,
I would go to New York City.

That's because
I have wanted to visit there again
for a long time.

I studied abroad
and lived in NYC from 1990-1999.
Those days have become
my cherished memories.

One of the scenes
that attracted me the most was
the Christmas illuminations in December.

I also loved looking at church yards,
with the Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Walking by them lit up in the snow at night,
always made me feel incredibly solemn.

Another unforgettable scene was
the entire view of lower Manhattan
from the Brooklyn side.

The buildings started to light up at sunset,
and they were incredibly gorgeous.

With that view,
I was always able to have fresh determination
and get over hardships in those days.

NYC is full of energy,
and it gives anyone
insightful and meaningful experiences.

In NYC, I would want to visit many memorable places
and totally refresh myself,
setting aside the role of being a mother.

I would visit my late husband's grave
in upstate New York,
and tell him the long story of the things
that have happened to me in these past ten years.

NYC has always claimed a very special place
in my heart.

I am sure that visiting there again at this time
would broaden my horizons
and lead me to find my higher potential.


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