1. 無料アクセス解析

The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)

Any journey and life
To travel abroad is one of the best ways to refresh ourselves and get away from trivial rounds, and now we can choose from a variety of travel options. Among them, there are two prominent types of travel, a solo trip and a group tour. They both have pros and cons.

One of the appeals of traveling alone is that we can enjoy the spirit of self-reliance. We will also have a lot of opportunities to reflect on life and to realize that freedom comes with responsibility. It helps us foster a sense of independence and have more confidence in ourselves.

On the other hand, a group tour has its own attractions. We can just sit back and relax, and enjoy the trip. Almost everything is pre-arranged. The cost of a travel package is comparatively low to going it alone and it is possible to receive various services on the road at discount rates. We may also have the opportunity to get to know the other people deeply on the tour.

In conclusion, whether going solo or on a group tour, traveling can be a wonderful experience. Any journey and life may have something in common. The crucial point is what we choose to do. In order to make the right choice, we must first know ourselves well, and then know exactly where we want to go and what we really want from the experience.


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