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The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)

Personal power is realigning yourself

Personal power is realigning yourself
with the universal energy source
so everything naturally works for you.

Personal power is going with the powerful natural flow
so that there are no coincidences in your life

but only the natural aligning of yourself
to the greater power
so that you fulfill your true destiny
in a wondrous, loving and joyous manner.

      by Levanah Sheel Bdolak (Author House)


Today I broke my favorite teapot in the kitchen.
It crashed down to the floor.

As I gathered and cleaned shattered pieces,
I thought that maybe everything is vanity,
every material thing passes away,

but if it did not break forever or
if even “I” do not break it,
nothing new came to me.

It is also true in my life.



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What does matter is

What does matter is
that you should be loyal
to the highest of your own spiritual natures,

never to deny
that which you know to be true,
to be faithful to yourselves,
to obey your conscience.

      Compiled by Tony Ortzen/

      The Spiritual Truth Press


I have been reading “The Prism of Lyra”
written by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest.

JUJU recommended this book to me the other day
when I talked to her about my recent visions and ideas.

I am still in the middle of reading,
but I have to tell you
that every time I open this astonishing book,
I cannot help but feel a tingle of excitement
run down my spine;
as if I have awoken
from a sleep lasting from time immemorial.


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My life's blueprint
I have been working on creating my life's blueprint with my spiritual concierge, JUJU. I had a session with her in Tokyo last week, and told her what kind of visions had been coming to me these past few days.

The keywords I picked were:
"Native spirit"
"Space-time environment for Mother Earth"
"Our endangered mind".

This feeling is still vague and hard from me to explain, but recently I’m getting unexplainable strong feelings about our urgent need for attention and the need to take action to reconnect to Mother Earth which is our very root. We need to revalue our ethnic origin and native spirit as earth people who have wisdom from ancient souls in order to address and respond fundamentally to global environment issues and our endangered minds in the age to come. I want to be active, and if I could do something, I would tell the world about these issues.


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