1. 無料アクセス解析

The Seed of Truth 
魂の琴線に触れる 煌めく言葉 (by MITSUKO)

Any journey and life
To travel abroad is one of the best ways to refresh ourselves and get away from trivial rounds, and now we can choose from a variety of travel options. Among them, there are two prominent types of travel, a solo trip and a group tour. They both have pros and cons.

One of the appeals of traveling alone is that we can enjoy the spirit of self-reliance. We will also have a lot of opportunities to reflect on life and to realize that freedom comes with responsibility. It helps us foster a sense of independence and have more confidence in ourselves.

On the other hand, a group tour has its own attractions. We can just sit back and relax, and enjoy the trip. Almost everything is pre-arranged. The cost of a travel package is comparatively low to going it alone and it is possible to receive various services on the road at discount rates. We may also have the opportunity to get to know the other people deeply on the tour.

In conclusion, whether going solo or on a group tour, traveling can be a wonderful experience. Any journey and life may have something in common. The crucial point is what we choose to do. In order to make the right choice, we must first know ourselves well, and then know exactly where we want to go and what we really want from the experience.



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Five Dimentional Thinking Practical Guide (3)
In JUJU’s new book, “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide”, there is one more striking topic covered. That of her standout area, auric reading (aura reading), which is also explained in an easy-to-follow and clear-cut approach.

Auric reading is deeply related to SI-V and the five dimensional thinking way of life. JUJU can read, and translate, symbols and information in a persons’ aura field, as stepping through time and space. She performs this procedure with great delicacy and extreme precision, and can navigate us the deep place within, where our passionate souls have been seeking to land and completely rehabilitate.

JUJU awakens our souls and reminds us that consciousness creates reality. We just need to simplify, be essential and be true to ourselves. It means we never need to become dependent to something outside ourselves. We ourselves can achieve the five dimensional thinking stages in a very practical manner.

I heard that her book became second in the Amazon book ranking this week. I am sure that this amazing new book, “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide”, will help us navigate the huge waves and blaze a new path to the future.

Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)(Japanese)
By Junko Komiya Baker (JUJU)

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Five Dimentional Thinking Practical Guide (2)
My spiritual concierge JUJU, who lives in England but also works in Japan, has just published her new book, titled “Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide,” in Japanese.

JUJU is very popular in Japan and the U.K. as a super channeler therapist. After working in the field of TV production and the performing arts, she started to tour all over Japan in 1991, performing Cosmic Dance and practicing channeling.

In 1997, JUJU moved to the U.K., the home of spiritual world, and she has developed her unique, original, and profound session style, called SI-V (Simplification and Spiritual Inter-view) which is fully explained in her new book. SI-V consists of a series of self-empowerment activities: reading, inter-view, relaxation and recognition, and more. SI-V is a life-creating Art. It can help us recognize that our consciousness creates our own reality right this each moment.

This book is really a practical guide to making the most to our daily lives: yet, it also contains Cosmic Universal Truth and is full of insights and wisdom from ancient souls.

Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)(Japanese)
By Junko Komiya Baker (JUJU)

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Five Dimentional Thinking Practical Guide (1)
I have been working on creating my life's blueprint with my spiritual concierge, JUJU, who lives in England but also works in Japan. Since I met her last March, my whole life has been changing with lighting speed. She has been very supportive and has inspired me tremendously during my personal transformation and self-integration period.

This week her brilliant new book about SI-V will be published.
Let me introduce you to her new work …

Five Dimensional Thinking Practical Guide
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)(Japanese)
By Junko Komiya Baker (JUJU)

One of her unique and profound sessions called SI-V (Simplified and Spiritual Inter-view) consists of a series of self-empowerment activities; reading, inter-view, relaxation and recognition, and more. It is this technique that is discussed in the book.

Sometimes, our everyday life problems seem deeply complex and intertwined. But when we shift and watch things from high-dimensional viewpoint, these problems are dramatically simplified and we can address positive steps to move forward. We can also tap into the reservoir of creativity deep inside our consciousness, draw fortunes in rapid-fire succession, and then change our lives for the better. JUJU is very popular in Japan and the U.K. as a super channeler therapist where she presents her unique and secret theory and techniques.

Special present from JUJU !!


私自身の人生、目にも止まらぬ速さで 高速スピンが始動し急展開! 
かつてないほど、ワクワク♪ と 前に大きく動き出しました。

★『五次元思考実践ガイド』 (中央アート出版社)
ぜひ お読みください!!


10/18(土)?10/22(水):期間限定 無料プレゼント!】

スピリチュアルコンシェルジュ JUJUこと小宮ベーカー純子さんの最新刊!
『五次元思考実践ガイド』 が中央アート出版社から発売されました。 ↓


・アマゾンで小宮ベーカー 純子(JUJU)の新刊をご購入いただいた方

愛に満ちた時をすごせるようサポートする「リスニング メディテーション」。

【もれなくプレゼント】 「シンクロニシティ ストーリー」(PDFファイル)

(通常1セッション 30分10,000円)

・ メルマガやHP、ブログでご紹介いただいた方 URLをお知らせください。
・ ↓今スグ、ご応募はこちらから

■本の内容 ;目次抜粋
■人間関係とは人と人のオーラの関係 手の平でなぜオーラが読めるのか?
■シンプル化するインタヴュー「SI-V」 三十分足らずでこんなにシンプル化!




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Any one place in the world

If I were awarded an expense-paid trip
to any one place in the world,
where would I go?

Winning an expense-paid trip
would be very exciting for anyone.
If Lady Luck smiled on me
and I were in that position,
I would go to New York City.

That's because
I have wanted to visit there again
for a long time.

I studied abroad
and lived in NYC from 1990-1999.
Those days have become
my cherished memories.

One of the scenes
that attracted me the most was
the Christmas illuminations in December.

I also loved looking at church yards,
with the Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Walking by them lit up in the snow at night,
always made me feel incredibly solemn.

Another unforgettable scene was
the entire view of lower Manhattan
from the Brooklyn side.

The buildings started to light up at sunset,
and they were incredibly gorgeous.

With that view,
I was always able to have fresh determination
and get over hardships in those days.

NYC is full of energy,
and it gives anyone
insightful and meaningful experiences.

In NYC, I would want to visit many memorable places
and totally refresh myself,
setting aside the role of being a mother.

I would visit my late husband's grave
in upstate New York,
and tell him the long story of the things
that have happened to me in these past ten years.

NYC has always claimed a very special place
in my heart.

I am sure that visiting there again at this time
would broaden my horizons
and lead me to find my higher potential.


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